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298.000 €

New price !! Residential house with shop directly in La Playa, in Valle Gran Rey

The house is located at the town's square in La Playa, in Valle Gran Rey, only 50 m from the beach. It is in need of renovation and could be restored keeping its current shape. It is also possible to build a multi-storey apartment house there, which makes it particularly interesting as an investment. One side of the house has sea views.

Location: in "La Playa" in Valle Gran Rey, directly at the main square and close to the beach. To the left it borders on a three-storey house and to the right on a restaurant. It is facing the street on the front and on the back it borders on some garden plots.

The houseis still in its the old, simple condition. A renovation is recommended if you want to use it as it is. It is divided into two parts. On the left part we find the living area with two bedrooms at the back and a kitchen, a bathroom and courtyard in the front part of the house. In the right part of the house there is a shop with a storage room and a bathroom. The house borders to the back on a narrow, long porch.


  • Situation: Playa Calera, Valle Gran Rey,  10 m ü.NN
  • Municipality: Valle Gran Rey
  • House: 193 m²
  • Plot: 193 m²
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Kitchen: 1
  • Bathrooms: 3
  • Business premises: 1
  • Storage rooms: 3
  • Roof terrace: 1
  • Price: 298.000 €  280.000 €

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