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46.000 €

Price drop !! Opportunity for self-catering, Finca with two natural stone houses in a beautiful, sunny location.

The property consists of two buildings of natural stone and a lot of garden land near the houses.

The area, known as Costa de Epina, captivates thanks to its fascinating nature.


The property is located in a small valley, 1 km from the sea and approximately 100 m above sea level. A path that crosses the ravine leads to the famous Playa del Trigo. The valley is full of palm trees and well protected. The terraced hills of the valley were formerly devoted to agriculture, but currently they are not being used. There are several natural stone houses available, some of them are still habitable, ideal for nature lovers looking for peace. A stream flows through the valley. You can access the valley through a passable track that provides direct access to the houses.

Alojera, the nearest town, is a 10-minute drive away. Here you will find shops and a nice beach.

The houses:

The property has two buildings. The first, which is independent, has 29.38 m² and a plot of 212 m². The second building has 32 m² with a plot of land of 478 m², this house is part of a long construction formed by several storage rooms built next to each other. Both houses have been built in traditional Canarian style with natural stone and adobe. As they are now, they can be restored.

The plots of land:

The whole plot of land is arranged in the form of traditional natural stone terraces. They are located in two different areas:

The upper plots are located near the houses and have easy access through a track. The lowest plot can be reached by car. Here we find several large and nice terraces as well as a smaller one.

The plots at the bottom are about 350 m² from the top ones. One part of the access road was formerly a passable track that can be restored. The rest of the way is a walking path. The terraces of this area are mostly large and the slope of the hill is rather slight. The location of these plots is also beautiful with fascinating sea views.

Details / more information:

This area is classified as agricultural area. There is a water deposit available which is shared with all the owners of the area. There is a stream running water most of the year, which fills the irrigation reservoirs. You can install an additional water pipe that would bring water purchased in the town of Alojera. There is a lot of water available here at an affordable price. The location is ideal for agriculture. You can also have a drinking water connection in the houses since the drinking water pipe is located nearby.



  • Location: Costa de Epina, between Tazo and Alojera, in the northwest of the island, 100 m above sea level
  • Municipality: Vallehermoso
  • Houses: 29,38 m² and 32 m2
  • Plot of land: 5523 m²
  • beautiful sea views and romantic location
  • Price: 58.000 €  46.000 €

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